Thanksgiving Day, Every Day

Yesterday is one of those days of the year that hopefully we take time in our busy schedules to share what we’re really thankful for.  With the holiday seasons upon us and the New Year closing in, we asked our exceptional associates what they’re thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day and here’s what they said:

Thankful Art

“I am grateful for my family and how lucky I am to have had them all throughout my life.  These amazing associates at the Red Lion Hotel Fifth Avenue and how their always there for each other through thick and thin, the kind of unconditional love and support for each other that provide a daily inspiration.” – Megan, Catering Dept.

“I’m thankful for my family, friends, good health, good music and my city of Seattle.” – Corina, Human Resources Dept.

“I’m thankful for my girlfriend, my family, having purpose in life, something to look forward to, each day and most of all, having a job that I really enjoy.  Not everyone is so fortunate. Did I mention my Day One Edition XBOX One?  Get your game on.” – Danny, IT Dept.

“I am thankful for being an auntie, and having a gorgeous, healthy new baby niece to spend my holidays with.” – Danielle, Catering Dept.

“I am thankful for my family, the best people to spend time with, able to live in a beautiful city, my dog, and my boyfriend. I am thankful for people who feel thankful; easy to take our lives and opportunities for granted. Enjoy this beautiful time with those you love!” – Emily, Front Desk Dept

“I’m thankful for having such a considerate and thoughtful sister and brother-in-law. If it wasn’t for their miles, I wouldn’t be able to celebrate Christmas, with them and the rest of the family, this year.” – Gaby, Catering Dept.

And last, but not least, our General Manager wanted to include a special thanks:

“I am grateful for the amazing Associates that dedicate their ideas, time, hearts and passion to serving our Guests. – Shannon Sheron, General Manager

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