Wellness Education

Healthy associates equal a healthy company. The Red Lion Hotel on Fifth Avenue is active in promoting wellness education.

We are partnering with Dr. Sabine Thomas, ND (Naturopathic Physician) to provide wellness education to our associates. On the job demand, teamed with daily stressors, can prevent associates from accomplishing their daily duties and leave little time to focus on health and wellness.

This initiative is to promote education amongst our staff in ways to incorporate lifestyle changes that can positively impact their overall health status. Dr. Thomas focuses on innovative ways to maximize positive returns based on mind-full health and lifestyle investments. We value our associates and are committed to ensuring on and off the job wellness.


Tips from Dr. Sabine Thomas, ND: How to remember to keep hydrated!

Invest into a colorful and stainless steel water bottle. 8 oz bottles are most functional and can easily be slipped into a travel bag, a backpack or a medium purse.

Fill your bottle up the night before, place it right away in your bag or purse and in the morning drink your first 8 oz on your way to work. To get your 64 oz of water, fill it up throughout the day with unsweetened tea, or filtered water from the break room water fountain.

Always ask for a glass of filtered water when you eat out for lunch or dinner.

Consider yourself fully hydrated when you have consumed 8 times your 8 oz bottled water throughout the day.

For fun, get one more bottle for your work desk or for your car or in you locker...just in case, you forget!

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